Friday, April 28, 2017

QUICK HITS: Rebel Souls - The Forces of Darkness

Cuero rebeldeeeee!

In the interest of transparency, I should inform you all that I'm reviewing this on request.  I almost never do that simply because I'm the most unreliable idiot on the planet, but I'm making an exception here entirely because the email that asked me to also mentioned that Obscura is a fucking terrible album.  Hell yes I'll review this album you fellow connoisseur of death metal that doesn't sound like the most irritating shit on the planet on purpose.  High fucking five.

Rebel Souls hail from the area where even insane evil scientists like to relax, southern Spain, and according to their little promotional blurb on Bandcamp, aim to create a sound in the vein of Vader, Vomitory, and Krisiun.  Longtime readers of mine should recognize that I absolutely fucking adore all three of those bands, and lucky for me, the band isn't just talking out of their collective ass this time.  Vocally, there is a huge Vomitory influence, and the rampant tremolo riffs that rip by with painfully sharp gusto only bolster the connection.  While the Swedish legends do indeed make up most of the influence, Vader is most definitely represented well also.  Their signature high speed chugging riffs rear their heads several times throughout The Forces of Darkness, and it adds some extra crunch and propulsiveness to the already high octane blasting insanity on display.  "The Elementar" is a great example of this, and probably stands as the best track on display as a result.  Really though you can't go wrong with any of these monsters.  There's an edge of roughness around everything, giving off pure attitude and rawness without being so mechanically precise that you lose the inherent brutality but without becoming a sloppy mess.  Overall there's not much to say other than this rules.  It looks like this band has been around more or less forever before finally getting this debut full length out, so let's hope they can keep up this momentum and kill us again soon!


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